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Distributor, and System Integrator

We are always challenging to cope with customer's many kinds of requests.
From 1 small parts to Custom-made machine, we can supply.
We have 8 sales offices in Japan and 1 subsidiary sales office in Thailand.
On top of those, we have 2 factories in Japan.
We will provide cutting-edge solution to make Win-Win relationship with you.


President Kenji Yasuhara

Marushin was founded in 1951. Our start is selling welding machines and machine tools. We are now manufacturing jigs, and production lines with using welding mashines, jigs and robots.
 We are also able to provide processing machines, assembly machines, inspection machines.
 Our business field is spreaded in many industries, Vehicles, Vehicle parts, Furniture, Electronics, Semicondutors and so on.
 Marushin is unable to be distinguished Manufacturer from Distributor.
 Marushin is just Solution Provider to be useful to all our customers.
We continue to provide the latest, optimized, just in time solutions.

About us

Company Name

Marushin Co., Ltd.


July 1951

Head Office


TEL +81-3-6381-7521

FAX +81-3-6381-7607

Paid-in Capital

50,000,000 Yen


President  Kenji Yasuhara

Director    KojiYasuhara

Director    TakahiroKarube

Auditor     Kazuko Yasuhara

Mail Bank

Resona Bank

Nagoya Bank

Jonan Credit Union



Managing Director:Kazuyuki Namba



Marushin was founded as a private company.


Marushin Co., Ltd. was founded as a stockcompany.


Hamamatsu Branch was established.

Tokyo Branch was established.


Mie Branch was established.


Nagoya Branch was established.

Saitama Branch was established.


Osaka Branch was established.


Kumamoto Branch was established.


First Factory was established in Suzuka, Mie Pref.


Second Factory was established in Suzuka, Mie Pref.


Third Factory(Suzuka Winds) was established in Suzuka, Mie Pref.


Utsunomiya Branch was established.


Kyushu Factory was established.


Marushin(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.wasestablished in Bangkok, Thailand.


Marushin Co.,Ltd.
TEL +81-3-6381-7521 FAX +81-3-6381-7607
Head Office

TEL +81-3-6381-7521 FAX +81-3-6381-7607  

3-15-13,SHIBA,MINATO-KU,TOKYO,105-0014 JAPAN.     

Utsunomiya Branch

TEL028-610-5112 FAX028-610-5197

5-1-16, Higashishukugo, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi, 321-0953

Saitama Branch

TEL0492-44-4911 FAX0492-46-1889  

2838-36, Imacuku, Kawagoe City, Saitama, 350-1151

Tokyo Branch

TEL03-5653-3301 FAX03-5632-8833

6-10-8, kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0042

Hamamatsu Branch

TEL053-421-5011 FAX053-421-5016  

1321, Ichino-cho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka,  435-0051

Mie Branch

TEL0593-72-2227 FAX0593-72-2988  

3600-27, Kamata, Misonocho, Suzuka City, Mie, 510-0261

Nagoya Branch

TEL0565-25-1113 FAX0565-25-1114

YM Village 101, 3-47-1, Eikaku Shinmachi, Toyota City, Aichi 470-1206

Osaka Branch

TEL06-4800-2251 FAX06-4800-2261

2-9-4, Higashitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 530-0044

Kumamoto Branch

TEL096-380-3877 FAX096-389-0955 

5-11-43, Goryo, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto, 861-8035

Misono Factory

TEL0593-72-2211 FAX0593-72-2361 

3600-27, Kamata, Misonocho, Suzuka City, Mie, 510-0261     

Kyushu Factory

TEL096-380-4749 FAX096-389-0955

5-11-43, Goryo, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto, 861-8035    


TEL:+66-2-714-4423 FAX: +66-2-714-4425

88/22 Moo 23, T. Bang Phli Yai, A. Bang Phli, Samutprakarn 10540 Thailand

Bujiness Field


Technical field

Marushin Provides many machines/equipments/parts to many processes.



Industrial Robot

ABB, Daihen, Panasonic, Fanuc, Yaskawa

Linear Motion / Power Transmission Products

Kuroda Precision, Sankyo Oilless, THK, Tsubakimoto Chain, Hiwin, Festo, Taiyo

Hydraulic and Pneumatics Equipments

Aoi, Kuroda Pneumatics, Parker・Hannifin, Taiyo, Chiyoda Tsusho
Kuroda Pneumatics
Marushin is a PPD(Premium Pnewmatic Distributor) of Parker group. Download catalog of Parker product digest version from here

Welding Equipment / Welding Peripheral Products

Art Hikari, Amada Miyachi, Weld Spot, Tpr Ek Metals,  Obara, Sanyo Denki, Spotron, Daihen, Denyo, Dengensha Toa, Tokin, Nippon Welding Rod, Nippon Stud Welding

Laser Welder, Laser Marker

Ipg Photonics, Omron Laserfront, Amada Miyachi, Sigmakoki, Trumpf 

Machining Center, Water Jet Saw, Lathe Machine, Band Saw Machine

Araya, Isel, Amada Machine Tools, Amano, Enshu, Opton, Kira Corporation, Komatsu Ntc, Koki, Sugino Machine, Kuroda Precision, Takamatsu Machinery, Takisawa Machine Tool,  Dmg Mori, Tsugami, First Giken, Fanuc, Nissinbo Mechatronics, Murata Machinery


Asahi Diamond Industrial, Alpstool, Gauging, Nikken Kosakusho Works, Nippon Spindle, Mitsui  Gfindingwheel, Yukiwa Seko

Numbering Machine

Kintsune Seiki

Press Equipment

Asai Corporation

Screw Assy Machine,  Rivet Machine, Nut Runner

Uryu Seisaku, Kohki Shokai

Agitating Machine

Inoue Mfg


Nissan Kiko

Heat Treatment Machine


Tungsten Electrode Auto Polishing Machine

Murata Welding Laboratories

Visual Inspection Camera

Ccs, Cognex, Moritex

Parts Aligner, Parts Feeder

Westech, Yajima Giken

Load Measuring Instrument


Leak Tester

Ateq, Cosmo Instrument

Factory Automation System

System Solution Provider

Marushin 2 factories (Misono & Kyushu) supply many kinds of production Lines and Machines to variety of industries.
For example, Automated production line with robot, Welding JIG and machine, Assembly machine, Inspection machine and so on has been  offered to Automobile, erectric, erectronics, medical, furniture industries.

Robot System

Automated line with industrial robot is expanded an explosive pace in variety of industries.

For Automobile Industry

For Electric and Electronics Industry

For Medical Industry

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Prohibition of disclosure of private information to any third party
We shall manage the private information of our customers appropriately and we shall not disclose such private information to any third party, except for the following cases: Where the customer's consent is obtained;

Where we disclose such information to our business agent so as to operate the service(s) which the customer desires; and

Where such disclosure is required by laws or regulations.

Safety Countermeasure for Private Information Protection
We shall take necessary safety countermeasure for protecting our customers' private information and take necessary security measure

Confirmation of Identification of the Customer
If our customers desire to refer, correct or delete their own private information, we shall respond their request duly after confirming the customer's identification

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